4 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about Online Casinos and Gambling

Online casinos are incredibly lucrative, and fiercely competitive, which is why there are more and more online gambling companies popping up every single day. We take casinos for granted nowadays, due largely to the fact that we know that we’re never far away from one. When we think of casinos however, there’s one part of the world that instantly springs to mind, and that part of the world is Las Vegas. Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, and some of the stories you read and hear about the place is the stuff of legends. While some will undoubtedly twist the truth, there are plenty of stories out there about casinos, online casinos, and gambling, that are so weird and bizarre you’d swear we were lying. They are however, factually correct, so here’s a look at just a few examples.


FedEx was saved by gambling

If you’ve ever ordered a parcel online which was delivered by courier, there’s a strong chance that the courier in question will have been from FedEx. FedEx is now one of the biggest and most lucrative courier services in the world, but in the 70s when it was first founded, it nearly went under before it ever got going. In 1973, FedEx had just $5000 to its name, with heaps of bills and overheads to cover. Desperate, Frederick Smith, the owner, decided to fly to Vegas in a bid to win some money to pump into his business. Fred won $27,000 which bought the company enough time to continue doing business. Three years later, FedEx was in the black as it was in profit for the first time. The rest is history.


People can ban themselves from casinos

We know that, as enjoyable as gambling can be, some people sadly suffer from gambling addictions. In the USA, if you are worried that you are addicted to gambling, or that your gambling is getting out of control, you can voluntarily ban yourself from a casino in some states. Upon doing so, it is then illegal for you to enter a casino, so if you do so you could be fined and/or arrested.


Prisoners in Nevada used to have it good

Gambling was so prevalent in Nevada, that from 1932 to 1967, a prison in Carson City, Nevada, once had its very own casino. Prisoners could bet on sports, play blackjack, play poker, and much more, all while they were supposed to be being punished for breaking the law. Eventually when a new warden took over, gambling in the prison was shut down for good.


Online Casinos are still fairly new – Now it’s hard to imagine life without online casinos, but in reality they are still fairly new. The world’s first online casino was built in 1997 and was called ‘Internet Casino System Version IV’. Today however, things are very different as there are now well over 2000 online casinos and gambling sites located on the world wide web.