Football Live In-Play Betting Tips & Strategy 2024

Are you someone who always bets on football before the game? Do you want to change it up and try out in-play betting? Well, you’ve come to the right place if so. You may be an experienced football bettor, or could be just starting out. This article is designed for everyone with all kinds of football betting experiences. Starter. Experienced. It doesn’t matter. Everyone will learn something in this article.

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Why football? It’s one of the most popular sports in the world, and betting on football matches has become very popular among football fans over time. Pre-match betting is traditional, but a newer and more exciting form of betting has emerged in recent years: live in-play betting and most of the best Irish betting sites offer it. This article will explore what live in-play betting is, why you should consider it for football matches, when to place an in-play football bet, some strategies for successful in-play betting,m and we answer some frequently asked questions about live betting. Everything you need to know is enclosed in this article.

Let’s get started.

What is Live In-Play Betting in Football?

Live in-play betting on football involves placing bets on a football match while it is in progress. It is unlike traditional pre-match betting, which requires you to place your bets before the game starts, but live in-play betting allows you to take advantage of the constantly changing dynamics of a specific match. There are numerous selections to choose from during the game, and here are some, listed:

  • Next goalscorer
  • Number of goals
  • Over/under corners
  • Over/under cards
  • Both teams to score
  • Half time result

Ultimately, in-play betting allows you to watch the events of the game and use that to select on fluctuating odds.

Why Should I Bet In-Play on Football?

There are several advantages to live in-play betting over traditional pre-match betting.

  • Gathering information: Sometimes, pre-match statistics could be a little volatile, for example during the game a statistic you found – Team A likes to target corner kicks – may not actually occur during the game. You can gather information during the game, and this can support what you bet on. It can be risky betting pre-match.
  • Assessing: By watching the match, you can assess many different factors of the game, for example; form, tactics, and the momentum of both teams. These can provide valuable insights for you to then make informed betting decisions.
  • Excitement and engagement: You can react to the unfolding events and you can adjust your bets, whereas betting pre-match means you can’t adjust your selections. There is an interactive dimension added to the game, meaning it can be more thrilling for the fan to watch the game.
  • Higher odds: In-play betting often offers higher odds compared to pre-match betting, especially when certain events or outcomes become more likely as the game unfolds. You can identify these opportunities by placing the bets at the correct time, meaning you can capitalise on the attractive odds and maximise your profit. Professional football bettors do this.
  • Value bets: That links to my next advantage. Live in-play betting can present opportunities for value bets. As the game progresses, odds may fluctuate based on the events on the pitch, creating potential discrepancies between the betting site’s odds and your assessment of the situation. By identifying these value bets, you can find favourable odds and potentially increase your long-term profitability.
  • Variety of markets: The final advantage is that in-play betting offers a wide range of betting markets to choose from. Along with traditional options like the match result or goalscorer, you can also bet on events such as the next goal, number of corners, bookings, and many more. This variety allows you to explore different betting opportunities and strategies based on your preferences and insights.

Our key advantages for in-play football betting

Gathering informationYou see what you see on the pitch (or TV), and make informed decisions based on your viewing.
Assessing what you seeSimilar to gathering information, this is the specific aspects such as the tactics, form and momentum of the game.
ExcitementIt may make your viewing experience more enjoyable.
Higher oddsOdds fluctuate when they are in-play.
Value betsAs a result, you may find more value in-play than pre-match.
Variety of marketsThere are a variety of markets available when in-play betting.

When Should You Place an In-Play Football Bet?

There isn’t a real answer to when you should place an in-play football bet, but it’s key to understand that timing is crucial. The key to success is to use the pre-match research you have done, but understand that this can change. While you should analyse the teams, look at their recent form, head-to-head records, any relevant injury news and more. Once the game begins, understand that the research you’ve done may not be as applicable as you thought, and instead prepare to change your research. Adapting to the game is what professions do, and you must observe how the game is playing out, adapting your research accordingly. Then, look for the opportunities that look favourable and with good odds, then if you’re happy place the bet.

You may want to do it while the game is playing, but waiting until half-time to take in what you’ve watched and give yourself some time to think about the bets you are going to place, could be a better strategy. Whatever you think is best, do.

We’ll discuss some more strategies below, but here is a table of what we’d do to decide to bet in-play.

Here’s when you should know to bet in-play

Completed pre-match research?Observe the gameChange research when applicableStart looking for opportunities in the marketWait until half-time or not?Review your selectionsPlace the bet

Strategies for Football In-Play Betting

So, now you know that in-play betting is and the best time to place your in-play bets (even though there isn’t a real answer, just what suits you). Let’s discuss some strategies for football in-play betting, and some of the things you should be looking out for as you bet on football in-play.

Momentum: Looking at the momentum of how the game is playing out is key, and this is one of the easiest strategies to complete. Identify the team who has strong momentum in the game and then backing the team with the momentum is a profitable approach. This team is more likely to score next on average, and ultimately win the game and your selected bet.

Time-Based: This is before the game, and it’s analysing patterns of previous matches from the two teams, looking at specific time periods and finding patterns when certain events occurred for example goals or corners, and these can help you find when these events happen. While there is no guarantee this trend will continue, it is a trend and something to evaluate.

Statistical: During the game, you should be looking at live statistics and the data available. There are many statistics you will want to evaluate, including:

  • Possession
  • Shots on target
  • Corners
  • Cards
  • Fouls
  • Momentum graphs (apps such as FlashScore can give you a momentum graph)
  • Player performance (apps such as FotMob can give you a rating on a player)

This information can help you make more informed decisions and find value in the odds offered. It’s not just about what you see, but the statistics involved, too.

Hedging: This is a little more technical, and only if you had placed pre-match bets on outcomes in the game. The game develops and your bet may be threatened, so you can use in-play betting to hedge your position by betting on the opposite outcome. For example, let’s say you have bet on Arsenal to beat Manchester City. City goes a goal up, you may use the live in-play betting to bet on City to win, thus minimising potential losses. This can also create a profit, but it’s rare.

Watching: The simplest of strategies is simply to watch the game. Pay close attention to specific aspects of the game, including the style of play, tactics, and substitutions made by both teams. Look for any significant changes in momentum, injuries, or red cards, which can create opportunities for value bets. Then place them!

Those are some strategies to live in-play football betting, you may want to implement some of them in your in-play betting.

Conclusion on Live In-Play Betting

Live in-play betting has revolutionised the way football fans bet on the sport and it offers an interactive experience on both an app and website with major bookmakers, allowing you to make informed betting decisions based on real-time information. By considering the strategies discussed and being mindful of the timing and circumstances, you can enhance your chances of success in this dynamic form of betting. You can find real value in live in-play betting, especially in such a dynamic sport like football where events change the course of the game and can happen at any time. Doing your research, looking at the strategies and being confident is how you will be profitable on in-play betting.

So, now you know something. If you are just starting betting on football, the in-play market can be a good start as you can use research to inform your decisions, not rushing to pre-match choices and using all the strategies involved to increase your chances.

If you are an experienced football punter, you could use the strategies listed as a springboard to using more enhanced methods. Hopefully this has helped you if you have been struggling with the in-play market recently.

Frequently Asked Questions on Live Betting

So, you’ve read the key aspects of betting in-play on football. You may have some questions, and hopefully, this frequently asked questions (FAQs) session answers them.

Are live in-play betting odds updated in real-time?

Yes, the odds for live in-play betting are updated in real-time to reflect the current state of the game. For example, if Nottingham Forest were underdogs against Brentford before the match but score to take a 1-0 lead, their odds will most likely chance to be the favourite of the match, even though they were underdogs prior to the start. This makes in-play valuable, because the odds fluctuate as the game progresses.

Can I cash out my in-play bets?

It depends on the bookmaker, but the majority of major bookies do offer a cash-out for in-play bets. Cash-out allows you to secure a profit or minimise potential losses before a game ends, but sometimes the cash-out can be lower than the stake placed. It’s also useful to know that the availability of cashing out may depend on the match. If it’s a high-profile game, then cash-out is most likely available. However, if it’s a club friendly it may not be. Check with the bookmaker before placing the bet.

Is live in-play betting more profitable than pre-match betting?

It depends on many different factors including your knowledge, research and the ability to make quick decisions. There is real value with in-play betting if you have all of these factors, but it’s also useful to know that in-play betting could come with increased risks due to how dynamic football is. However, as mentioned there is real value in it.

Are there any restrictions on live in-play betting?

Yes and no. Some bookmakers may impose restrictions on certain in-play markets, but most of the time there are no restrictions. If the game isn’t live-streamed on the app or website of the bookmaker, then there shouldn’t be any restrictions. If it is a low-profile game, then there could be restrictions. What you will find is that major bookmakers suspend all selections when major events are happening or could happen, so be wary of that if it doesn’t allow you to click on specific selections as it says ‘Suspended’. On the whole, there aren’t many restrictions, but understand that there could be in specific contexts.