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If you’re thinking of placing a cheeky bet this week, but don’t really have the first clue about betting terminology, what to bet on, how much to bet, how much you’ll receive, and how the betting process works, a bet calculator is precisely what you need. In the world of sports betting, most punters find themselves attracted to risk-free bets, entitling punters to matched betting profits. Virtually all bookmakers offer these risk-free bets, yet not all punters are able to profit from them. Whereas nothing in life, other than death and taxes, is certain, if you use a bet calculator you can certainly maximize your chances of earning a profit from these types of bets. But what is exactly is a bet calculator, how does it work, and what does it entail? Let’s find out now.


What is a bet calculator?


A bet calculator is basically an online tool designed to, well, calculate your bets. The calculator is created to make betting as simple and as straightforward for the general public as possible. It breaks everything down into black and white so gamblers know exactly what they’re betting on, how much they’re betting, and how much they will potentially make if their selections come in. Instead of trying to figure out how much you’ll make if your selections come in, you can find out what you need to know in a matter of seconds. If used correctly, they can also increase your chances of profiting.


Which features do they offer?


Though different bookmakers offer different bet calculators, you’ll find that even the most basic calculators offer the following features:


Bet types

First up there are the bet types. Now, this can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, as some calculators can offer as few as 3 bet types, whereas other can offer upwards of 15. So, whether it is full cover bets that you seek, free bets not returned, free bets returned, normal bets, or anything else, you’ll find it here in the bet type section.


Bet amounts/stakes

This is pretty self-explanatory as it simply refers to the amount that you bet. So, if you decide to bet €20, you’ll enter €20 and that will be that.



Here, you will select whether you’re looking to place an each way bet, an outright winner, a loss, a dead heat, or a non-runner/void. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll then enter the odds that your bookmaker of choice is offering.


After entering the figures and info listed above, you should see:


  • The stake amount of money that you wagered
  • The amount you will need in your account
  • The total amount of profit you will receive if your bets come in


Why use a bet calculator?


The simple answer to why you should use a bet calculator is simply because of the fact that they do all of the math for you. These calculators work everything out for you so there is no guess work involved, there are no nasty surprises, and everybody knows exactly where they stand, and how much they stand to make.

Bet Calculator FAQ:

What type of Bet Calculators do you offer?

We offer pretty much every type of bet calculator under the sun, this includes the popular Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Accumulator and many more, see our full list here.

How do I use the Bet Calculator?

Our bet calculator has been designed with simplicity in mind. To that end in most cases you simply select the bet type, then the number of selections, followed by the amount you wish to stake and then simply fill out the odds for each selection.

Our odds converter allows you to simply enter fractional, decimal, American or implied probabiliy figures and see their equivalents.

What is the most popular Bet Calculator?

Our Lucky 15 bet calculator is the most in demand bet calculator on our website, this is a very well known bet and has been used by punters for years.