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Using an Accumulator Calculator

After a double with two selections and a treble with three selections, anything above four selections is generally considered an ‘accumulator’. In order to win, all selections must come in and this prospect attracts many, from beginners to experts. Although more difficult to win, as only one selection needs to fail for the whole bet to collapse, they are always exciting since the odds of each selection are multiplied together.

With a single wager on multiple selections, the obvious benefit of choosing such a bet is that the potential winnings are high. As we’ve already seen, the downside is that you can get eight selections right and still lose your money if the ninth selection fails.

If we look at horse racing as an example, you might wonder what happens with non-runners. Well, the selection is essentially removed from the bet; a five-fold becomes a four-fold, and the odds are recalculated as such. Using standard rules, any dead heats for a win are normally settled at reduced odds. With websites and apps like SkyBet and Bet365, enhanced accumulators and fixed percentage bonuses are widely available.

Since an accumulator is a case of making several selections, they are available for all sports. This being said, each bookmaker has different rules on mixing and matching between sports. Also, we should note that only one selection can be chosen from a single event; otherwise, people would enhance the odds of a firm favourite by including it multiple times in a single bet. In other words, all selections should be mutually independent.

For those who don’t like the ‘all or nothing’ approach, they tend to limit the risk by also backing the individual selections of the bet. Elsewhere, when backing a five-fold, others like to back the many four-folds using the same selections. If one selection fails, one of the four-folds will still win. If all the selections come in, the punter will win all the four-folds and the larger five-fold too.

Bonus vs Acca Insurance – Is One Better Than the Other?

Ultimately, this depends on two factors;

  • Accumulator odds
  • Number of selections

If you have a huge accumulator with a dozen selections, those close to winning will probably be inclined to pursue an opportunity to double winnings rather than just walking away with the initial stake (if one selection fails). If your accumulator is much smaller in size, the odds are shorter and the 10% isn’t as enticing.

When considering the insurance and the bonus, think about the potential size and rewards. Bonuses are always less significant on smaller accumulators and on shorter odds. Instead, the better solution is probably the acca insurance.

Accumulator FAQ:

How do I calculate an Accumulator?

We offer a number of bet calculators including an accumulator calculator.

To work out your winnings using our calculator simply choose the amount of selections (bets), enter your stake amount, and then choose your outcomes for each selection.

Is an Accumulator a good idea?

Accumulators are becoming more and more attractive as a bet type due to bookies such as Bet365 offering early cash out options, should some of selections come through.