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What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 bet can be placed on a multitude of sports with horse racing perhaps being the most popular event to use it on. A Lucky 15 bet is not your typical accumulator as it is a behemoth of a bet that takes into account four wagers that equal 15 bets. If you have difficult figure up the odds and potential profit returns to your bet, you can use a handy Lucky 15 bet calculator to figure out the possible return.

So, what is a Lucky 15 bet and how can you use it to make profits from sports betting and investment?

What is a Lucky 15 bet?

While on the surface a Lucky 15 bet can seem difficult to understand and intimidating, it really isn’t and you can soon be using it to your advantage. A Lucky 15 bet consists of four wagers that make up 15 bets. If you place a Lucky 15 bet on a €1 win-only wager, then the cost of the bet would come to €15. You can also wager on each-way when placing a Lucky 15 bet on horse racing or other sports.

As previously stated, a Lucky 15 bet is four wagers that make up 15 bets. The four wagers in the Lucky 15 are four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator. These are further broken down here:

  • Bets one to four – Singles
  • Bets five to 10 – Doubles
  • Bets 10 to 14 – Trebles
  • Bet 15 – Accumulator

You can win a significant amount of money on a Lucky 15 bet, but the return does depend on the number of selections that win, the stake, and the odds for the selections.

Why should you place a Lucky 15 bet?

The biggest benefit of placing a Lucky 15 bet is it diversifies your risk. The age-old adage in investing is ‘you must diversify’ and sports betting and investment are no different. A Lucky 15 diversifies the risk of one of your selections losing on a multiple bet.

In the case of a traditional accumulator, the bet is lost if one selection fails to win. In a Lucky 15 bet, you can win a return on your stake if the majority of your bets win. There is also the chance of the bet paying higher returns as there is a higher stake. More risk, more reward.

The downside of a Lucky 15 bet is the stake that is required to place the bet, which can be much higher than on your typical accumulators. The upside to this is the amount of money you can win if the bet is successful.

How much can you win when placing a Lucky 15 bet?

This question is difficult to answer as it all depends on the odds and the amount you wager. If you made a €1 bet on all four selections in a Lucky 15 bet, then you would stake €15. If the odds for all four selections are 3/1 in the Lucky 15 bet with a stake of €1 per selection, then you would win €671.40. That also takes into account a 10% bonus offered by the bookmaker.

Using the Lucky 15 calculator is very easy. Simply place the odds into calculator and enter the stake per bet you wish to make. The Lucky 15 bet calculator will then display the ‘total outlay’, ‘total return’, and ‘total profit’ for the bet. If you want to place a Lucky 15 bet, you can calculate the odds here before placing your next wager.

Many of the leading bookmakers offer bonuses if your Lucky 15 bet wins and a 10% bonus can be added to the bet if all four selections come off. Some sportsbooks offer even more incentives for you to make a Lucky bet.

Lucky 15 FAQ?

What is a Lucky 15 bet?

A lucky 15 bet is a bet that takes into account four wagers, for a total of 15 bets. You can use our calculator to see how much your bet returns.

How do I use your Lucky 15 calculator?

To use our calculator simply enter your stake (bet amount), and select your outcome for each of your 4 selections – that’s it!

How much can I win with a Lucky 15 bet?

That question depends on the odds and amount you wager. With a Lucky 15 bet if you €1 on each selection with odds of 3/1 you would win €671.40 provided you receive the common 10% bonus offered by bookmakers. You can use our odds converter to work out your odds as a percentage.