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Sports betting is an extremely complex activity, which, if done correctly and with just the right amount of luck, could prove extremely rewarding. We know that betting can be exciting, but it can also prove frustrating, especially if you don’t quite understand the complexities of how it works. Betting on the horses for example, is not like heading to the greyhound track and betting on 1 of 6 dogs. There is a lot to get your head around, which is why things such as Lucky 63 Bet Calculators exist in the first place. But what is a Lucky 63 Bet Calculator, how do Lucky 63 Bets work, and just how easy is it to use these calculators in the first place? All of the above will soon become clear. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean.

What is a Lucky 63 Bet Calculator?

A Lucky 63 Bet Calculator is basically a specially designed online calculation tool which is designed to provide sports betters with a clear and concise overview of their Lucky 63 bets. The bet calculator will provide details on the exact amount being spent, on potential winnings, and total profits. Rather than spending ages with calculators, trying to figure complex equations and outcomes out in your head, you simply enter the details of your bet such as stake, odds, outcome etc, and the calculator will tell you exactly what you stand to make and how much it will cost.

What is a Lucky 63 Bet?

So, is a Lucky 63 Bet the same as any old regular bet? Well, actually, no, it is not. If it was, a bet calculator would probably not be needed. When you bet on just one horse for example, you will bet on whether you think it will win, or you’ll go with ‘each way’. You’ll know your odds and will know how much you are spending. If your horse comes in as predicted, job done. A Lucky 63 Bet, though, is a lot more complex. When people place one of these bets, they are placing 63 individual bets across six selections. So, as an example, a £1 Lucky 63 bet which was ‘win only’ would cost you £63. They consist of:

  • 6 singles
  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four-fold accumulators
  • 6 five-fold accumulators
  • 1 six-fold accumulator

Using a Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

Using a Lucky 63 Bet Calculator couldn’t be simpler. You simply follow the instructions on-screen and enter the details of your bet, and the calculator will instantly provide you with a figure for what your potential winnings would be. As with other bets, there is the option to make it ‘each way’. So, you will enter:

  • Stake
  • Odds format and whether you want fractions, decimals, or American
  • Whether you want to make the bet each way
  • Whether you want to select ‘rule 4’.

You then enter the details of each of your bets, including stake, the outcome you predict, and the odds you’re being offered. Upon completion the calculator will tell you your total stake, your total returns, and your total profit.