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So, you’re feeling flush and you want to treat yourself to a spot of gambling on the horses this upcoming weekend. Great! Betting on the horses, and sports betting in general, is a very popular pastime, and this has been the case for centuries. The only problem is that sports betting nowadays, is a little more complex than years ago. If you’re an expert and experienced gambler in this field then that’s not an issue. If you’re new to the exciting world of sports betting and you don’t quite know where to begin, it can be a little intimidating. Patent bets for example, are exciting and rewarding, but they aren’t easy to understand. Until now. Thanks to the creation of the Patent bet calculator, placing a patent bet is as easy as ABC. Here’s a better look at what a patent bet calculator is and how these bets actually work.

What is a Patent Bet Calculator?

As mentioned, placing a Patent bet is not as easy as placing a cheeky €10 Each Way bet on the horses. Patent Bets are a great deal more complex than that, and you’ll find out why in just a few moments. Put very simply, a Patent Bet calculator is an online tool which is designed to make placing Patent Bets as simple and as straightforward as possible. You simply enter the basic details of your bets and the calculator will then tell you your total spend, potential earnings, and potential profits.

So, what is a Patent Bet?

Now we’re going to talk to you about what a Patent Bet is. These are popular amongst a number of sports. We keep using the horse racing analogy because they’re perhaps most popular with the horses. They comprise of 7 bets across 3 selections. It is therefore a 3 selection wager which consists of:

  • 3 singles
  • 3 doubles
  • 1 treble

So, when you place a Patent bet, you are actually placing 7 bets across 3 individual and unique selections. So, if you were to place a €1 Patent and select ‘win only’ you would spend €7. Now, the exact amount that you would win would depend on the selections that won, and the odds of each one that won. The good thing about patent bets is that, due to the fact that they contain single bets, you only need to have one of your selections win in order for you to benefit from a return. The only downside is that the return would likely be less than the initial stake, though that again would depend on the odds.

How to use a Patent Bet Calculator

Using a Patent Bet Calculator is very simple, and that is deliberate. They’re designed to make the betting process as simple as possible. You simply follow the instructions on-screen and enter the details of your bet, and the calculator will instantly provide you with a figure for what your potential winnings would be. As with other bets, there is the option to make it ‘each way’. So, you will enter:

  • Stake
  • Odds format and whether you want fractions, decimals, or American
  • Whether you want to make the bet each way
  • Whether you want to select ‘rule 4’.

You then enter the details of each of your bets, including stake, the outcome you predict, and the odds you’re being offered. Upon completion the calculator will tell you your total stake, your total returns, and your total profit. Some calculators will also give you the option of adding selection notes and descriptions for each of your selections.