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The best way to calculate the potential winnings of your Super Yankee bet is to enter the details into our quick and efficient calculator. If you want to make it each way, simply select the option.

How is the calculation made? Across five selections, a Super Yankee bet contains a total of 26 bets. Within each bet, you will find;

  • 1 five-fold
  • 5 four-folds
  • 10 trebles
  • 10 doubles

After choosing five selections, a Super Yankee bet will split these selections into 26 different bets. If the romantic story is to be believed, it was actually named when an American soldier visited the UK and won hundreds of thousands from a tiny stake. With each selection appearing in multiple bets, they all have equal importance; as soon as one loses, multiple bets lose. If you’ve seen the Lucky 31, this is essentially the same as a Super Yankee bet but with five singles added to the mix.

These days, bookmakers tend to offer a number of bonuses on the Lucky 31 to make it worth our while. If you want to really understand the Super Yankee and how losing selections affect the many bets, we recommend playing around with the calculator and experimenting. As long as two selections win, you’re guaranteed some return (regardless of how small) because of the doubles.