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If you want to calculate the winnings of a potential Trixie bet, why not use our amazing calculator? With an option to make it each way, you can assess different Trixie bets within seconds.

With three selections, a Trixie bet divides these selections into four different bets. While one is a treble containing all sections, the other is a combination of three doubles (A+B, B+C, and A+C). If you set €1 as your stake on a Trixie, you actually pay €4 because it’s €1 per bet.

Of course, we’re all interested in potential winnings and this depends on which selections win. Remember, there are no single bets which means that at least two of your three selections must win in order to make some money back. If two are successful, you win a double while the others are lost. If three win, all four bets are won, and you get the maximum profit from the Trixie.

Advantages of Choosing a Trixie Bet

With a traditional treble, all three selections need to win otherwise all money is lost. With a Trixie, one selection can lose, and you’ll still get something back (even if it doesn’t quite cover the stake). With an improved chance of a return, you get insurance against failing selections compared to a traditional accumulator.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Trixie Bet

If you only have €5 in your account, this is split between four bets (€1.25 each). If you want €5 on the treble alone, you need €5 on the doubles too and you’re suddenly spending €20.

Each Way Trixie Bet

Don’t worry, an each-way Trixie bet is available if you lean towards these types of bets. Instead of the four bets, however, what you’ll actually have is eight. In addition to the original four, you’ll have four bets for the selections to place.

Trixie vs Patent

Finally, we want to discuss the difference between a Patent and Trixie since this is something that often causes confusion. We’ve seen that a Trixie has four bets, but a Patent has seven. As well as the treble and three doubles, a Patent bet contains three singles. In a similar way to a Lucky 15 which extends a Yankee to include singles, this means you’re guaranteed to get some money back so long as just one of the selections wins.

A Patent bet requires a larger stake, but you can reduce the risk somewhat by including single selections too; for this reason, it’s a good option for those learning the ropes and wanting to always get something back (assuming all three don’t fail).

To summarize, a Trixie bet creates four different bets from your three selections. With one treble and three doubles, there’s an opportunity to win money even if one selection fails. Rather than risking everything on a treble, you can spread the risk and still enjoy a good return.