Bet365 Expanding Across the USA

Here in Ireland and indeed, the UK and much of Europe as well, online gambling and sports betting is serious business with new options launching every month, and has been serious business for more than two decades now.

Ever since the internet became a common part of modern living, businesses have utilised this to their advantage and haven’t looked back since. While many industries have benefitted from our increasing reliance on the internet, the sports betting and gambling industries in particular, have really profited.

Online gambling provides many benefits, and as online gambling has slowly evolved into mobile gambling, more and more countries have tried to get in on the action, including the USA. Because America has much stricter laws regarding gambling, and because different States have different laws and regulations, few bookmakers have been able to crack America, until now.

With news breaking that Bet365 look set to continue to expand across America, we thought it would be fitting to look at their operations across the pond in more detail.

A Fourth State for the Books

Recently, popular UK betting site Bet365 announced plans that they were to expand across the USA. Well, things are now moving forwards as they have begun to expand into Pennsylvania, which will be the fourth market they’ve entered.

After entering into a lucrative agreement with Churchill Downs Incorporated, they will gain excusive access to sports betting and iGaming markets across Pennsylvania.

Back in 2019 Bet365 began their quest to crack America, seeing such huge potential in a market which, because strict laws and rules, is largely untapped. They began with New Jersey, and then in September 2022 Colorado and Ohio followed. Now, in January 2023, they will be going with Pennsylvania.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ever since more and more US states began to adopt sports betting and online gambling, numerous online betting operators across the globe have tried to crack the market. Dozens of competitors now operate in various states in America, yet Bet365 have adopted much more of a slow and cautious approach.

Many business insiders believe that this is the right strategy as they can essentially see what their competitors are doing right, and more importantly, what they’re doing wrong to ensure that they don’t make these same mistakes. It may sound unethical, but that’s business for you.

Once all of the creases are ironed out and Bet365 goes live in Pennsylvania, it looks set to change the way lucky punters in the state get to gamble. Pennsylvania has a population of close to 13 million. Of these 13 million, more than 9.3 million people are aged 18 or older and are therefore legally able to gamble.

With features such as Cash Out, Bet Boosts, Edit Bet, and Same Game Parlay, as well as bonuses and new sign-up offers, punters are excited for the site to go live where they can bet on a whole wealth of sports and games.

In the last financial year, Bet365 was able to grow its number of global active users by nearly 50%. This was due, in part at least, to their efforts in the States. Once established in yet another state (Pennsylvania), 2023 could be their most lucrative yet.