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Betiton’s Online Casino offers thousands of different ways to bet. Betiton also offers live streamed tables for some games, if a fully online experience is not your thing, the Casino has a vast array of different slot machines to choose from.

If you have keeping up with the world of online gambling, you may have heard about a new online site called Betiton. If you are looking for a new site to sign up to, and you want it to provide all of the games you need, Betiton might be just the site for you.

What is Betiton?

It is a new gambling site, having only been launched in March of this year. Despite it being so new, is a big contender in the gambling site market. It is owned by Sharp Connection Ltd, with the games being operated by Aspire Global Communication. It features a large selection of games from some of the best providers in the gambling industry.

You may be more wary around new sites, as you can’t always be sure that they will be fully trustworthy, but Betiton and the providers it uses are licensed and regulated by both the UK gambling Commission as well as the Malta Gaming Authority, which means that it is safe to use.

Betiton also uses the latest encryption technology for all of your sensitive data, as well as making sure that all the transactions and games are provided through licensed companies. This allows its customers to be sure they are safe when using the site.

One of the main appeals is the large selection and variety of games on Betiton. One of its biggest appeals is that it offers 3 different types gaming services under one site:

  • Sportsbook
  • Casino
  • Bingo

This means that you only have to sign up once. It can be quite a hassle entering all of your details and verifying your identity. If you only had to do it once for all your gambling needs why wouldn’t you?

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How can I access Betiton?

Betiton has been designed to be able to be used by customers across various devices and operating systems. You could opt for the more traditional choice of using it through your PC, but it is also available both through your browser, as well as through its app for IOS and Android.

This allows you to use your account through most of your devices. For example, you could use it in your phone on the train to work, but also make use it on your desktop when you’re at home. This can also make it easier to not lose your account when you get rid of old devices, as you can still stay logged on with your other devices.


Betiton’s Online Casino offers thousands of different ways to bet. Betiton also offers live streamed tables for some games, if a fully online experience is not your thing, the Casino has a vast array of different slot machines to choose from, as well as plenty of table games such as:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Poker

If you want to try out the tables as a new player, and are looking for an easy game, Blackjack is a very good option for you. There a few different variations of blackjack available to play in the Betiton casino, but the game generally stays very simple. You have to try and get closer to 21 than the dealer. For this reason, among others, Blackjack is very popular both on the Betiton site, as well as generally in the gambling world.

Roulette is also a staple of gambling. An advantage of playing Roulette is that it can offer you a bigger range of odds than some of the other games can. This means that you can decide to either go for low risk, but low reward bets or increase the risk for a chance at a bigger payout. Roulette is also, not unlike Blackjack, very easy to start off as you only have to trying and predict where the ball is going to land.

Baccarat is quite different in the fact that the rules of the game can be quite complex, but it is also very easy to bet on. The only option for the player is to be on the banker, the player, or a tie. The game is played completely independently through its own set of rules and you are told whether you won or lost at the end.

Poker is more difficult to play than the other games, but depending on the tables you play at, as well as your individual skill level, it can be a very good option to earn a large amount of money. There are quite a few variations to poker, but generally, to win, you have to still be in play and have the best hand to win.

A lot of the difficulty in poker lies in knowing how good your current hand is, as well as the chances of it improving as the cards are drawn. One of the best things about poker is that even if you are dealt a bad hand, it can still have a good chance of winning, if you know what you’re doing.

Slot Machines

At Betiton you have the choice of over 1000 different slots to bet on. Through this selection you can choose from slots with different combinations of number of paylines, types of bonus rounds and bonus triggers.

A big appeal of using slot machines Is that it is very easy to use. If you want to learn how all of the paylines, multipliers, and bonus rounds work you can, but the more casual punter is able to just choose a game, decide how much money they want to bet, and spin the wheels.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a truly massive amount of money, the best option for you would be to try one of the Jackpot slots. These jackpots can be so large because they can be linked to multiple different games. This allows the use of the slots to be pooled together, which can create some massive prizes.

One of the best things about the slots, and especially the Jackpot slots, is that they often are not expensive to spin, but there is still a chance of winning a massive amount of money with each bet, this means that you can spin the wheels many times, and still have the excitement of the possibility of a large prize.

It may seem that some Jackpots are never won, but that is not the case with some of the newest Jackpots available. These Jackpots are “Must-Drop” and are therefore someone is guaranteed to win on them before either the prize pool reaches a certain amount, or the game’s countdown reaches 0. This can make the slot machine process a little more transparent, if it is not something that you would normally trust.

Game Providers

Betiton works with top developers and software companies for their casino games. All of the companies that provide games are licensed and verified to be a producer of safe, as well as fair games. Some of the companies that are currently working with Betiton include:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Betsoft
  • IGT

Through this large selection of verified providers, Betiton is able to give their customers a massive variety of safe online games, with even more new ones being added all the time. The large amount of games and providers means that even if you like a particular game on another site, there is a good chance that you would also be able to find it on Betiton.

This can be very reassuring if you want to try gambling at Betiton, as despite the casino being relatively new, there is a high chance that you have used products before from the designers of the games that you will now be playing. This adds an extra level as trust, since not only does the site and providers have all the necessary licenses and are regulated, but you may even have played, and won before.


It’s always good when you get something for free, which is why there’s no reason to skip out on the bonuses you can receive for joining up to Betiton.

The many bonus promotions that it provides is arguably one of the main Benefits of using Betiton. Coupled with the fact that you can use it for all of your online gaming needs, which means that it can be very easy to increase, and use, the loyalty bonus system.

These bonuses make it very tempting to join up, and the fact that you continually receive bonuses means that you won’t want to leave once you’ve started.

Loyalty Bonus

The Betiton loyalty bonus you receive depends on the number of points you have on your account. For most games in the casino, you earn 1 point for every 40 euros you spend. To reach the first tier (Bronze), you only need to have 10 points, and this increases up to 1000 points if you want to reach platinum.

There is a premium and prestige tiers above platinum, but these tiers are exclusively for people who have received a personal invitation to join them.

There are many different bonuses you can receive through the loyalty program such as, cash bonuses higher limits for and free Sunday spins. The top 3 tiers receive exclusive bonuses like higher deposit and cash out limits, personalised offers, monthly cash back and even a personal account manager.

The only catch with the bonuses that you receive is that only one of them can be claimed each day. This means that you will have to log on multiple times a week to claim all of your bonuses.  Generally, to reach the top tiers and receive many bonuses would require a lot of time spent betting, however, which means the last point isn’t too much of an issue.

Welcome Bonus

At Betiton you can receive welcome bonuses, but even if you are a seasoned user of the site, there is still plenty of freebies you can receive. This means that, unlike some other sites where you are only rewarded for joining up, Betiton also offers rewards to the players that have stayed with them weekly, as well as whenever they reach certain milestones.

The first welcome bonus you will receive through the site is the welcome offer. Betiton also offers welcome bonuses to new members of each tier of the loyalty program. This can range from free spins in the lower tiers all the way up to bonus cash as well as bonuses on all of your deposits and personalised offers.