Betting Sites in Ireland are Influencing the Narrative Around The Late Late Show’s Next Host

Popular Irish betting sites are having an impact on the “narrative” surrounding the issue of who the next host of The Late Late Show might be, says one of the favourites for the position. Irish comedian and radio host Brendan O’Connor discussed the matter on air during his radio show on RTÉ Radio 1. O’Connor’s name has been in the running for the most prestigious post in Irish television ever since mid-March, when Ryan Tubridy announced his sudden and surprising departure from the programme at the end of May after 14 years in the job. Other Irish celebrities have also been mentioned in the discussion surrounding the job, including household names such as Claire Byrne, Sarah McInerney, Angela Scanlon, Jennifer Zamparelli, Baz Ashmawy, and others.

Due to the high profile of the debate, which has been one of the most popular topics across Irish media in the past few months, betting sites in Ireland have started offering odds on some of the “candidates” for the job. Needless to say, a number of those whose names have become betting markets have not expressed any interest to take on the role, and are merely guesses based on their reputation, experience, and suitability to replace Tubridy. The opportunity to bet on the next Late Late Show host has been received favourably by bettors, and the public interest continues to grow, especially since Tubridy and team are cheekily teasing and joking about it on national television.

According to O’Connor, however, betting sites are doing more than just offering betting opportunities to those eager to back up their predictions with a little wager. According to him, the “narrative” surrounding the next Late Late Show host is “being driven by online betting companies”. While O’Connor himself has neither confirmed nor denied whether or not he is interested in taking over from Tubridy, he suggested that the debate has acted as a de facto free advertising for betting sites, as their profile has been raised through discussions about odds and betting opportunities. O’Connor was directly asked by one of his guests, Allison O’Connor, what his thoughts were about the rumours of him getting the job, and he declined to comment. Instead, he said:

“I think this conversation has been based on free advertising for betting companies and I think I’m not contributing to that. That’s not the answer you wanted but it is actually the answer. This has been driven by online better platforms. All the [newspaper] pieces have been driven by that. If I said anything to you now, that would be contributing to that and I’m not going to be in the business of contributing to online betting.”

O’Connor made it clear that he was “not saying there’s not interest”, however he explained that he did not want to further fuel the debate and add to the rumours surrounding the position. Ironically, following this statement, O’Connor inadvertently made the news and his words and position were quoted in a number of online Irish newspapers and magazines.

Meanwhile, the competition for a new host continues behind the curtains, as is often the case in showbiz, and fans are supporting their favourites on Social Media. Some celebrities, however, did not appear to enjoy being put forward for the job in such a manner, and quickly ruled themselves out of the race by making public statements, with notable examples being Miriam O’Callaghan, Sarah McInerney, and Claire Byrne. All three were considered favourites for the top job, however have decided to focus on other projects and activities. McInerney said that she is planning to focus on Prime Time, Drivetime, and politics, and graciously wished Tubridy’s successor the very best of luck after stating that the popular host had done an “exceptional job”. She said:

“I’d like to confirm that I’m not taking over The Late Late Show from either Ryan Tubridy or James Cordon. Nor have I sought Waystar from Logan Roy.”

Byrne, who has three young children, stated that she was honoured to be considered a suitable replacement for Tubridy, however stated that she would be focusing on her busy family life and full-time radio job. She pointed out that “The Late Late Show should be presented by someone who can give it the time and dedication that it deserves.” She did, however, state that she may consider other TV projects in the future. Byrne’s decision was hailed by Tubridy, who commented on his own radio show that she “did the right thing” and that her decision was “a smart one”. This may be another hint by Tubridy as to why he decided to go, with sources close to the host stating that he was exhausted by all the attention and by being constantly in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, betting sites in Ireland continue to offer odds on a number of people who may become the next host, and the list may now include some surprising newcomers after several favourites have withdrawn. It is likely that bets will be accepted right until the new host is announced, and anyone interested in placing a wager could do so by taking advantage of one of the excellent new customer offers currently available through