Bingo in Ireland

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Over the past years, online bingo has grown exponentially. Offline Bingo events are becoming history, and online bingo is becoming a popular trend.

Bingo lovers can now relish their all-time favourite pastime, sitting on their comfortable beds or while travelling to work, wherever and whenever they want.

Picking an Online Bingo room with a high-rating

With a wide range of online Bingo rooms to choose from, it can be a task to pick the right online Bingo room for yourself. Many online Bingo sites are competing to win the hearts of all Bingo lovers with interactive themes and add-on features.

Here are a few things you must consider before choosing the most exciting online Bingo room:
• Variety of rooms
• Wonderful bonuses
• Daily prizes
• Ease of navigation
• Contests and competitions

Online Bingo – How safe is it?

Numerous players have doubts whether online Bingo is a safe bet or not since it is another form of online gambling. However, it is imperative to pick an online Bingo platform that is absolutely encrypted for safe and secure data and information exchange, as well as, regulated.

The safest and most reliable Bingo sites are eCOGRA approved and provide a 100% secure gaming experience.

eCOGRA is a non-profit organization, which guarantees player privacy and protection. It also ensures that all online Bingo platforms used RNG (random number generator) to encourage fair play and eliminate any possibility of foul play.

Also, online Bingo is legal in Ireland. However, the online Bingo sites must own an official license from the Government of Ireland. This information is readily available as a disclaimer at the bottom of all Bingo sites.

Prevalent Online Bingo Games in 2018

Online Bingo comes with a few variations that are marked by the game’s length and the odds of winning the game. Some Bingo players allow extra players while others limit the number of players. Here’s a list of the most popular Bingo games this year and a brief description of each:

• 75-Ball Bingo (5×5 web with a free square in the middle)

This is the basic Bingo and is also popularly known as the American Bingo. The game consists of 75 balls and has no variations. The players need to match the numbers as per the encoded pattern.

• 80-Ball Bingo (4×4 web with a grand total of sixteen numbers)

It is a 5-balls twist to the original form of the game but Is not very popular amongst the players. A player who is first to finish a diagonal line, straight line or column is the winner.

• 90-Ball Bingo (9×3 web with every line containing five numbers, total of fifteen numbers)

This is the second highest voted game in the Bingo world. The length of the game is more, and it has larger prizes and more seats for the players. This variation is played in different stages. Winner for each line finished first and then the first one to complete the entire grid.

• Bingo Social

This room comes with a social interaction corner for all the players where they can chat and connect with one another.

Benefits of Online Bingo

Online Bingo comes with several benefits like:
• Play on-the-go
• Variety of games to suit your skill and budget
• Several free rooms available if you do not wish to pay
All the benefits combined provide you with an opportunity to polish your Bingo skills and take your love for Bingo to the next level where you can earn big!