BoyleSports Awarded for Their Efforts Towards Safer Gambling

As exciting as gambling can be, there is also a very dark side to gambling, one which has destroyed lives and has torn families apart. Gambling addiction is a very serious issue, not only here in Ireland, but globally as well. Gambling addiction does not discriminate. It can affect anybody, at any time, which is why safe and responsible gambling is so important.

Because of the damage that gambling addiction is causing to countless individuals around the globe, more is being done to help ensure that people can gamble safely and responsibly. Not only that, but more is also being done to ensure that those with gambling issues are getting the help and support that they require.

As a result of this, more and more bookmakers are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their punters can gamble safely and responsibly, and have a fantastic experience in the process. Recently, for Safer Gambling Week 2023, independently owned bookmaker BoyleSports were awarded the highest accolade in the betting industry for their safer gambling initiatives and processes. This is a very positive step in the right direction for safer gambling, and more bookies should hopefully follow suit.

Safer Gambling Week

Each year in the UK and Ireland, to help raise awareness for the dangers of problem gambling and gambling addiction, and to help people who are struggling, the Safer Gambling Week initiative is launched.

The annual campaign, with the help of a number of dedicated partners, aims to achieve the following:

  • Help raise awareness on how to approach gambling more safely
  • Highlight the tools and resources that are available to help people gamble safer year round
  • Provide additional advice, help, resources, and support for those affected

From amusement arcades and bingo halls to bookmakers and casinos, and everybody in between, the campaign, which this year ran from the 13th – 19th November 2023, aims to bring those in the industry together to offer a safer and happier gambling experience for everyone.

BoyleSports Recognised for Their Support of Safer Gambling

Recently, independently owned Irish bookmakers BoyleSports, received the highest accolade in the betting industry for their approaches to safer gambling.

The hugely popular Irish bookmakers received GamCare’s Safer Gambling Standard Advanced Level 3 Certification. The accolade recognises the steps and measures taken by a company to offer their customers safety and protection when it comes to problem gambling, gambling addiction, and other related issues.

The UKAS accredited Safer Gambling Standard basically measures and assesses player protection processes being implemented by companies within the gambling industry. For BoyleSports to receive such an accolade, this highlights just how seriously they take the safety of their customers, and indeed, how much they value them.

BoyleSports, who operate in Ireland, the UK, South America, and South Africa, have provided their complete backing to the Safer Gambling Week initiative, and have welcomed it with open arms.

For a betting company to offer advice to its potential customers in the form of a brand campaign, such as ‘take time to think’ and ‘sometimes the wisest decision is not to bet’ you can see just how dedicated they are to being fair and responsible. There aren’t many companies out there who would almost discourage potential customers from spending their money with them, so we say fair play to BoyleSports, and hope that others will follow their lead.