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Brief Guide to Casino Room

After opening in 2005, Casino Room enjoyed a strong decade and even rebranded just a couple of years ago. Since their tenth anniversary, the platform has continued to grow and they are now seen as one of the big players in the market. Just as the name suggests, it is easy to use and customers can enjoy numerous games after signing up.


In recent years, we have seen somewhat of a split in the market with some choosing to stick with downloadable options and others choosing to forget them altogether. For Casino Room, they fall into the latter category and are more interested in instant gaming and web browsers. Above all else, they want their platform to be accessed with ease rather than having users download their program. Currently, having a browser casino is the best way of achieving this which is why they have gained in popularity. Not only does it work on Windows, it will also load perfectly on Linux and Mac.


Screenshot from Casino Room website

In recent years, they have also used HTML5 technology to launch a mobile variant of Casino Room. Therefore, the site can be loaded by Android and iOS devices in a few seconds without having to download an app. This being said, there is an app available for those that have the space and don’t mind the download.


When it comes to casino software these days, there are numerous companies offering their services and this has led to online casinos choosing multiple to suit their needs. With Casino Room, they have taken advantage of the many developers by choosing a handful for their many games online. Whenever an online casino does this, there is always a danger of making mistakes or failing but Casino Room has done well. As a result, they now offer an extensive list of games boasting different styles, themes, designs, and more. Although Microgaming and NetEnt are two of the major names, they also work with smaller companies such as Yggdrasil Gaming and Thunderkick.

Casino Games

When we have assessed online casinos in the past, we have said that 300 is a significant amount of games and it truly is; however, it pales in comparison to Casino Room who have over 800 different games. Since they work with numerous developers, they have taken advantage of these relationships to offer all different types of slots, blackjack, roulette, and live options. With the live section, they allow players to join a live table rather than using software.

Every year, Casino Room adds to this list too as the developers continue to…well, develop. At this stage, we should note that they aren’t just designed and then thrown out hoping for the best. In truth, they all look stunning in design and perform brilliantly so the customers only get the best games. Even with these new games, you also get the classics and this is an environment that many people enjoy. Sometimes, online casinos focus too heavily on one side or the other but Casino Room offer both in equal depth on a diverse platform. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something you enjoy and can play to make money.


In many industries, ‘gamification’ is something that has caught much attention and online casinos aren’t any different. In fact, Casino Room was very much at the forefront of this introduction by showing all visitors to the website the recent winners and rewards based on missions and other collectibles. Although they don’t dramatically change the gaming experience, it does add that something different and makes it all the more enjoyable.

In order to compete nowadays, all sites need to be well-designed and Casino Room clearly got the memo as it offers an easy interface with no tricky areas. Once on the site, you can navigate each screen with ease. For Casino Room, easy access to games was perhaps more important than anything else considering they have over 800 and they have done well. If done poorly, the whole site could have been a mess but they understood this need from the end user.


To get started, you will need to deposit your funds into an account and this is made easy with numerous methods in which to do so. Whether you use the classic credit/debit card or a more modern method such as eFunding (PayPal, Skrill, or Entropay), you will be up and running within seconds. If you were to run into any issues, there is a 24/7 support team at your service via phone, Skype, live chat, and email.


In order to attract customers these days, online casinos need to stand out and they do this via special offers and promotions. When you first deposit into Casino Room, the amount will be matched which is a superb incentive. After your account is up and running, you will also see all of the available offers in the ‘Bonus’ section of the website. Often, casinos can be rather sneaky with their promotions but Casino Room is upfront and offers all details on this one page. If you aren’t sure what the offer means, the site will also offer explanations which can be very useful indeed.


More than any other site we have come across, it seems as though Casino Room actually wants their customers to win and this is seen with their easy-access special offers as well as the list of winners on the home page. This, coupled with the fact that the website has been designed well and that there are so many games to enjoy, means that Casino Room has earned their place in the market. If they continue along the path of growth and improvement, there is no reason why they can’t join the biggest names at the very top soon!


January 21st 2019; Ellmount Gaming, the owners of, have been awarded a licence to operate their Casinoroom website in Sweden.