Fun and Interesting Facts about Sports Betting

In the betting industry, you can’t get anything more exciting than sports betting. Sports betting has been around for centuries, and when you consider just how many different sports there are out there currently available to bet upon, it’s easy to see why. If you yourself happen to be a keen gambler, this next article could prove especially interesting to you, especially if you enjoy sports betting. You see, online casinos with their free bets and fancy features are all well and good, but if sports are more your thing then here’s a look at several fun and interesting facts about sports betting that you may not have previously been aware of.

It isn’t just current sportspeople that you can bet upon

In the world of sports betting, here in the UK it’s safe to say that football is pretty popular. It’s fairly well known that you can place bets upon whether or not a player will ever make an appearance for their country, or whether they will even captain their country, but what about people that have been even kicked a ball before? You may have heard about a former England Captain who went by the name of David Beckham? When the England legend’s son, Brooklyn was born, bookmakers began taking bets on whether or not he would ever play for his country.

Not only that, but some even took this a step further and started taking bets on whether he would ever captain his country. Yes, the child was only a few days old and people were already betting on whether he would play/captain his country. While Brooklyn is doing okay in the football industry, he doesn’t look set to make an appearance for England anytime soon, so there will probably be quite a few disappointed gamblers out there.

The UK is the world leader in the sports betting business

Here in the UK, we don’t do things by halves. Worldwide, the UK is the leader in the sports betting business, turning over close to 20 Billion Euros in profit every single year.

Okay, this technically isn’t sports-betting related, but even so, it’s a fun fact so we’re throwing it in here. Christmas Eve is the most popular day for people to place a bet, as they often gamble on the weather and whether or not there will be a white Christmas.

More than 1 in 2 people have placed a sports bet at some point in their lives

Some people out there will religiously utilize their free bets and welcome bonuses and will bet on some form of sports every week. Football accumulators for example, make the games even more exciting, which is why people place these bets every week. Some people however, will rarely gamble at all. With that said however, more than 1 in 2 people aged 18 or older have placed at least one sports-related bet at some point in their life. Other popular sports to bet on include: horse racing, boxing, golf, and tennis.