Fun and Interesting Gambling Facts

Betting Sites – Fun and Interesting Gambling Facts

Nowadays, thanks to smart technology and the popularity of the internet, there are more ways to pass the time than ever before. If you’re a fan of gambling for example, you will no doubt be aware of the sheer volume of betting sites currently in operation online.

Betting sites are popular because gambling and betting in general is hugely popular. In fact, the online gambling industry is one of the most lucrative industries on the face of the earth. If you enjoy a flutter now and then, you might find today’s topic particularly interesting. Below we’re going to be listing a few fun and interesting gambling facts that you may not have been aware of. Take a look and see what you think.

Tesla was a gambler

Tesla, you know, the Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, the man responsible for the Tesla coil, was a bit of a gambler. To say he was a bit of a gambler would be quite the understatement if we’re being honest, as he had a bit of a problem. In his early years as an inventor, Tesla became addicted to gambling, he gambled away all of his funds for tuition, was forced to drop out of school, and he suffered a minor mental breakdown. The good news is that he bounced back and went on to become one of the most infamous inventors in history.

FedEx wouldn’t be here without gambling

FedEx is one of the most famous courier companies in the world. In the company’s early days however, they found themselves in serious financial trouble. In fact, they looked set to go out of business because of enormous fuel bills and expenses. The CEO of the company, Fred Smith, withdrew the business’ final $5,000 and went to Vegas out of desperation. He bet this money on Blackjack and amazingly he won $27,000, which not only paid off the $24,000 that the company owed, but also left them with $3,000 profit.

It is illegal to gamble for cash in Japan

Believe it or not, but in Japan, it is illegal to gamble for cash. Instead, when players win, they win balls which are exchanged for prizes. The gamblers can then either keep the prizes for themselves, or take them to a separate business located somewhere else, and exchange the prize for money.

Win loads, lose loads

This final story may make a few of you a little mad, so be warned. There was once a man named Archie Karas, who was serious about his gambling. He told anybody that would listen that he would go to Vegas to seek his fortune. Needless to say, people thought he was talking nonsense, yet they were very wrong, at least for a while. Archie had a budget of just $50. He then gambled it, won, bet again, won again, and so on. Archie was in Vegas for two years, where he eventually won a staggering $2 Million. Surely that would set anybody up for life? Sadly, greed and addiction got the better of him and just three weeks later he had gambled it all away and had lost everything.