Incredible Betting Sites and Gambling Stories You Won’t Believe!

As you have probably figured out if you’ve ever browsed the web, betting sites and online casinos are fairly-popular. When we say they’re fairly-popular, we’re understating things somewhat, as saying they’re fairly-popular is like saying that The Beatles were ‘quite a popular band’. There is serious returns to be made in the world of betting sites and online gambling, and that goes for the gamblers as well as the bookmakers. People say that the only real winners are the bookies, and while the odds are heavily stacked in their favour, there are a number of ways in which you can beat the bookies, and beat to odds, to net yourself some serious returns. Want proof? Okay, then check out these incredible betting sites and gambling stories from all around the world, that you may struggle to believe. Take it from us however, they are real.

Always have your details

In the USA, in Arizona to be precise, a woman in severe debt, with virtually nothing spare to her name, happened to be trying her luck in the casinos, in a bid to turn her fortunes around. To her amazement she won. While the $1,200 she won was hardly life-changing, at the time it offered her a lifeline and would have helped her out hugely. When she went to collect her winnings, she was asked to provide I.D as standard procedure. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any. The reason for this was because she was in the country illegally as she had illegally crossed the border from Mexico. Unfortunately, she was deported, and she never got to claim her winnings.

Bet on the moon

One fun thing about gambling is that you can bet on anything pretty-much. You can bet on the weather, on celebrity births, marriages, and splits, and you can even bet on world events, or possible world events. Back in 1964, a man named David Threlfall contacted a popular British bookmaker to enquire about the odds of a man one day walking on the moon. Remember, this was before the internet, so to find out odds like that, that was the only way of getting in contact. They gave him odds of 1000:1.

David was interested in space and so had a strong feeling we would indeed one day walk on the moon, so he placed a £10 bet. As the space race heated up over the years, those that found out about David’s bet actually offered to buy his ticket for a percentage of the payoff if the bet came to fruition. He refused. In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, and David landed himself £10,000, plus his initial £10 stake. Remember, this was an enormous amount of money back then, so David was rightfully delighted.

James Bond defies the odds

There have been many actors to play James Bond over the decades, yet for many, Sean Connery is the ultimate Bond. Much like his spy alter-ego, Connery was fond of gambling and he too defied the odds once upon a time. Connery was playing roulette, and each time he played he would bet on the number 17. To begin with he had no luck, then suddenly, up came 17. The next game it came up again, and the next. 3 times in a row Connery won on the number 17, which meant that he overcame odds of approx. 50,000 to 1.