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Mansion bet is legally licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The brand Mansion was founded in 2003, expanding over a decade later Mansion decided to launch MansionBet in 2018 and is currently the latest instalment within their line of services. Originally set up and known for casino sites, MansionBet found themselves slowly steering into what is now a diverse range of betting options, including sponsorship through the premier league with Tottenham and Crystal Palace. MansionBet are currently expanding their sites and (hopefully!) working on a mobile app, with a promising future ahead of themselves, let’s dive into MansionBet.

Screenshot from the MansionBet website

Smartphone and android use of MansionBet

MansionBet offers ease of use through their smartphones, allowing access to both sporting bets and the use of their online casino, with access to a wide plethora of games and arcades. With the desktop promising a clean and crisp display, the mobile experience certainly doesn’t disappoint. Following in its footsteps, the mobile apps are easy to navigate, user-friendly and genuinely enjoyable experience. With this experience so fluid, the introduction to MansionBet mobile app will certainly be an exciting experience, especially with what it offers currently!

Although there appears to be no MansionBet app for their sportsbook, there is actually an app for their casino. Offering live options (also available in Sportsbet), the casino provides an enjoyable and unique experience, with a wide range of games and plenty to keep you entertained.

Mansionbet promotions

Despite the winnings not being the best on the market, MansionBet has promotions to cater to your needs, with a wide selection of different sports and casino games you’re sure to find something that will suit you. Clicking on the promotions tab will provide you with an overview of what is available, be sure to check back frequently to see what’s new.

Due to being the principal partner of Bournemouth FC, MansionBet is able to offer exclusive frequent giveaways of tickets to Bournemouth FC home games, made accessible through keeping up to date on both their Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you’re a Bournemouth FC fan, this really isn’t something to be missed.

Sportsbetting through MansionBet

Betting through MansionBet is an enjoyable experience, especially with their user-friendly mobile site (and hopefully soon app), through the use of many different mobile features they are able to create a unique experience. Let us explain.

  • YourBet
  • PulseBetting
  • ActionBetting
  • Add2Bet

Above are the main mobile features which MansionBet offers. YourBet allows you to customise into accumulators, offering a wide variety of different markets for your original bet to be expanded on through the use of a single button. YouBet also allows for quick access in live betting, in football, betting on goals or the number of corners could never have been easier and more satisfying.

PulseBetting is an original feature which allows you to put a bet on a goal being scored within football in a set amount of time, these include periods of 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. Winning in this range substantially pays out more than a normal bet whilst adding to the risk factor, all in all, making it a fun and interactive experience like no other. Further to this, guessing the correct pulse during the period of extra time wins you a ‘jackpot’, winning more cash than otherwise available. Consider using this to your advantage!

ActionBetting is fairly simple, it ranks your must important bets into a single betting slip, allowing you to keep an eye on the action and showing live odds, helping you choose when to put on either an action bet, withdraw your bet or use a PulseBet for the big money.

Finally, Add2Bet does what it says on the tin. This allows you to add to any bet currently placed without having to withdraw from the bet or place a new bet in place of this. This is especially useful mid-match, realising you changed your mind and want to increase your bet, going through the hassle of creating a new bet can often take time, maybe even causing you to miss parts of the match. This way, you can be sure by a tap of your screen you are securely locked in and ready for the action, however, it pans out.

Although the sportsbook doesn’t offer the widest of markets compared to its competitors, it still offers the major sports, leaving no room for error with average odds, after all, it wasn’t originally designed to be a sports betting site. However, with the inclusion of sports such as MMA and weirdly Aussie Rules, you won’t be disappointed with the options they currently have.

Additional MansionBet products

As mentioned previously, MansionBet offers both a crisp desktop experience and an even better smartphone option, perfect for sports betting on the go, or playing your favourite game on the casino. With the inclusion of live betting, this adds for an immersive experience. To access this simply click on the ‘play option.

Unfortunately, as of previously, MansionBet does not offer a live streaming service. Although, being fairly new to the market we can expect to see this soon, along with their mobile app which has high standards to live up to!

MansionBet Casino

MansionBet casino offers classic games such as roulette and blackjack, with the introduction of new games such as Golden Legend. Optimised for Casino use, MansionBet offers a fluid and interactive experience, helping you chase the thrills and win big. Some promotions also bridge the market between the casino and through the sportsbook, so keep a keen eye on those.

A final thought

With a user-friendly experience like no other, MansionBet promises for a great experience through both their sportsbook and it’s many mobile features to it’s its plethora of casino games, MansionBet is able to tailor to everybody. Despite the lack of live streaming and the non-existent mobile app, MansionBet is for sure expanding and will soon be up there with the big names such as Ladbrokes and Coral. Signup today to see what they’re all about.

Contact details:

Live Chat: 8am-11.59pm GMT

Telephone: +350 200 65068


MansionBet FAQ:

How can I claim €10 from MansionBet?

MansionBet are at the very top of our recommended betting sites list, and currently offer customers €10 when they signup for an account through our bonus link.

Can customers from Ireland signup at MansionBet?

Yes! we only list regulated betting sites, and MansionBet are regulated to accept customers based in Ireland.

Is MansionBet safe?

We believe due to the success of their Online Casino, MansionBet can be trusted and are a safe option.

What do MansionBet offer?

Aswell as being at the top of our betting sites list, Mansion also are very well known for their online casino.