More Hilarious and Bizarre Bets and Betting Sites Stories

Nowadays, due to the fact that online betting sites are so hugely lucrative, finding betting sites to place all kinds of weird and wonderful bets on is now easier than ever. As you know, we can place bets on sports, talent shows, royal babies, politics, reality TV, and even the weather. To some, they may seem bizarre enough, but just wait until you read some more of the most bizarre and hilarious bets and betting sites stories from over the years. Trust us, you’ll never consider it strange to bet on whether it will snow on Christmas Day, again.

Pro Wrestling Insider?

As many of you will know, a certain pro wrestling company is still going stronger than ever today. The company in question is the WWE, formerly known as the WWF (They lost the right to call themselves WWF to the World Wildlife Fund) and as you know, it isn’t technically a sport. We won’t call it fake because what you see the wrestlers doing in the ring is real and dangerous. The “fake” aspect comes from the fact that the outcomes are pre-determined. So, as it is already decided on who will win each match in advance, surely the bookmakers wouldn’t be daft enough to allow people to bet on an outcome that is already pre-determined?

Well, a lot of them did. A few years back, a Reddit user claimed to work backstage at the WWE and that he/she had inside knowledge on the outcomes of the matches. They would post the results for upcoming PPVs days in advance, and it was clear from the clarity of what they were posting that they did appear to have genuine insider knowledge. Not every prediction they made came true, but 8 out of 10 times they were spot on. People began visiting the forum before a PPV to get the results and then began placing very high wagers with various betting sites. Eventually the betting sites grew wise to this and stopped allowing people to bet on pro wrestling.

In-Play Betting FTW

Thanks to in-play betting, in football you can bet on virtually anything in football. You can bet on goal scorers, when they will score, how they will score, whether a pitch invasion will take place, and much more besides. Back in the 2005/06 season, Adrian Howard placed a 125/1 wager on Xabi Alonso, who at the time played for Liverpool, to score a goal from inside his own half.

Predicting a goal to be scored from this distance is tough enough, but to name the player as well would surely be impossible. The bookies eagerly accepted his wager as “easy money” but for them it was anything but. Xabi, playing against Luton, took a touch of the ball, saw the keeper off his line, and thumped the ball from 70 yards out. The ball lobbed the keeper and proceeded to bounce its way into the back of the net. Howard nabbed himself a cool 35 grand.

50 Cent’s Manhood

50 Cent is a great rapper and a keen gambler. Probably after a few too many drinks however, he accepted a bet from a random Twitter follower whereby if the Giants lost in the Superbowl, he would have to post a picture of his manhood online. If they won, the Twitter follower, a female, would bare her chest and face. The Giants lost, but the random Twitter follower never followed through with her end of the deal. Moral of the story is not to Tweet and Gamble.