Odds Checker

As long as you have the dedication and patience, there’s no doubting the fun that can be had with sports betting. Is there a better thrill than betting on a live event and watching your chosen outcome unfold before your very eyes?

However, one of the biggest problems for bettors is finding a reliable service. As we’ve probably all seen in the TV and internet ads, every betting platform claims to have the ‘best odds’. Suddenly, we’ve got a dozen (and the rest!) websites trying to get our attention and it’s hard to know where to look. Don’t worry, we have a solution – our fantastic odds checker.

After many years watching people get confused by the different odds available in the market, we decided to make it easier for everybody with a clever odds checker. We’re tired of companies shouting about their ‘amazing odds’. It’s time for an honest assessment of the odds that are offered by the betting services of today. Rather than worrying about profits, you can be sure that YOU are our priority!

Our Odds Checker

As you may know, every single betting website generates their own odds on sports events around the world depending on the likelihood of a specific event to happen. For example, it might be as simple as Arsenal winning a game of football. Rather than a universal system, each betting platform offers unique odds of Arsenal to win. Depending on the fixture, one website might offer 1.36 while another has the same outcome at 1.33.

In the past, we’ve seen people open several browsers, with a betting website in each, and then compare odds (some even grab a notebook to see which service offers the best odds). While this might be fun for some, it’s a nightmare for most. Surely you want to be spending your Saturday mornings with family, staying in bed, or however you choose to enjoy your free time?

We don’t want you to be bombarded with information, and this is why we developed the odds checker. As the name suggests, we check the odds of every bookie on your behalf. Every single day, we crawl Irish betting website and bring the best odds right to you. Which bookie deserves your money? Which one will offer the best return this weekend? We’ll tell you!

How Does It Work?

When we first decided to build our odds checker, we had an aim to make it as simple as possible. We didn’t want to replace one long-winded process and headache with another, so we didn’t. Instead of creating all sorts of extravagant tables full of different numbers, everything you need is in the middle of the screen. If you like the look of some odds, click on them and you’ll go through to the bookie to place your money.

Just to keep everything simple, you can filter the odds you see. For example, you can quickly get a list of the day’s games or even look ahead for the week and month. What’s more, filter the most well-known bookies whether you like to stick with Bet Victor, Betfair, William Hill, or another.

While doing our research for our odds checker, another feature we discovered that wasn’t popular was the use of fractional odds. These days, we know you want decimal odds, and this is why we have made them available. With your early weekend or midweek cup of coffee, you’ll compare and contrast almost instantly with decimal odds rather than worrying about converting fractional odds.

Common Questions

Where will I find the best odds?

This is a difficult question to answer, and it’s why most bookmakers can tell the world that they have the best odds. This statement will always come with an asterisk; it might be that they had the strongest odds for a certain week or sporting event. Generally speaking, the website with the best odds is always changing and can vary from one horse race to another. Also, we should note that certain bookies are known for specific sports. While one might offer attractive horse racing odds, they might not be so good with football.

Fortunately, you don’t need to rummage through several website to see who is best on a given day. No, just use our odds checker and you will learn in seconds.

What are betting odds?

If you’re completely new to betting, there are some fantastic guides explaining how betting odds work. For now, we’ll say that odds describe the likelihood of an outcome to occur. If a team is 1.20, you will only get €1.20 from a €1 stake. On the other hand, odds of 10.00 will earn you €10 from a €1 stake. The more likely an outcome, the lower the odds (i.e. the lower your return).

Which platform is best for horse racing?

Again, we can only make generalisations here since the answer can vary. In the Ireland, Paddy Power had a reputation for strong horse racing odds for the longest time. Recently, however, William Hill has taken up the mantle as a leader in this field.

Our Service – Who Are We?

As well as our odds checker, we like to help people get set up in all aspects of betting whether you prefer an online casino or a sportsbook. With us, you can be sure of finding the best services and offers. For instance, we compile a list of the best bookies, free bets, bonus codes, welcome bonuses, and more. Not only this, we also compile reviews for newer betting platforms and casinos. Working with only the most trusted services in the industry, you can be sure of impartial and reliable advice.

Elsewhere, we also provide useful betting tips. Whether you’re new to betting or just need some advice, you’ll find it with our fantastic service. As long as you keep an eye on our website, you’ll always find valuable content being added. With this, you can increase your understanding (and chances of success!).