Relax Gaming titles get new distribution under Markor Technology

The Irish and UK betting markets very often go hand-in-hand. What happens to one typically affects the other in some way, and no doubt we can expect to see this pattern play out again with the new deal for distribution of Relax Gaming’s titles through Markor Technology. This new partnership will be a massive boost for Relax Gaming, allowing their games to find a home in Markor’s huge library of igaming and online gambling platforms.

Currently, Markor Technology runs their games in a few markets including Spain and the UK. Relax Gaming, though, have always been clear on their ultimate goal: global distribution. A move into the Irish market looks now definitely on the cards given the recent boost that both companies will gain from this new partnership. Markor’s content library currently boasts a whopping 5,000 online games rivaling some of the biggest slot providers, and this deal will allow Relax Gaming’s entire back catalogue to be added to their network.

For Markor, the goal is aggregation. They aim to cluster their content and the services on offer, and so it’s no surprise that they should make moves to partner with the biggest names in iGaming. Markor’s CEO commented that the partnership will mean even greater variety in their quality games, meaning a huge benefit to consumers and bettors. More choice is always better for the punters, and this deal is likely to only be the beginning.

Relax Gaming’s CEO also commended Markor’s success given its recent entry to the market. Both companies plainly harbour a great respect for one another, and we have seen time and time again that the most beneficial development in the iGaming industry is the partnerships between the biggest players in the software and distribution aspects of the industry. Working together always means both greater success for them as a business, and a boost in quality to the games available for the players.

Another thing that these deals achieve for the operators is reduced launch and integration costs for its new products. For those of us who are just interested in the games and in making our winnings, all this business talk can seem dry and uninteresting. Indeed, a lot of the technologies and features pioneered by such companies as Markor run in the background in a way we may never be aware of consciously. But believe me, we would notice were they not there, and it only takes a brief look at the development of iGaming in the last 15 or so years to see how much smoother and more convenient everything has become.

These deals are what tends to encourage that kind of development. Whether in Ireland or the UK or just about anywhere in the world, competition between operators is fierce—one of the best ways to overcome that competition is through partnerships like this one. Relax Gaming are set up to become one of the biggest players in the European, British and eventually Irish market with these distribution deals.