What’s the damage? World cup bet pay outs from Bet365 hit 8 figures

The FIFA World Cup final—few would argue it’s not the single most important sporting event in the whole world. Millions who may previously have had no interest in football find themselves totally invested. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the biggest betting events the world regularly sees and most of our football bookmakers had special offers for this tournament. Bet365 have now revealed the extent of the pay outs they’ve had to make to their lucky customers following this year’s world cup final matchup between Argentina and France—and it’s in the eight figures.

The game was, to put it simply, nail-bitingly tense. It was filled with action from the first minute to the last, finishing at a total score of 3-3 before Argentina managed to claim the win on penalties. As any bettor will tell you, the more that happens in a game, the more chances there are to make a win. Bet365 had considered the Argentinian team a “liability” in the tournament—backed anywhere from 8/1 to 11/2 to win in the lead up to the Cup.

Bettors in Ireland managed to score a huge chunk of the winning pool with bets on Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez for young player of the tournament—a bet which Bet365 had given odds of 33/1. Even in a competition with the likes of Bellingham, Tchouameni and Alvarez, Fernandez managed to show the whole world his potential and bring a risky bet to fruition for so many people.

The beginning of the game looked good for the Argentinians, too, and their early two-goal lead meant the 2 goals ahead early offer paid out for a lot of Bet365’s wagers. The early game was a huge winning opportunity for those who had backed Argentina to win in normal time. But the action was far from over there.

Everyone knew a matchup between Messi and Mbappé would mean incredible tension, but few might have predicted just how intense it would be. Mbappé quickly caught back up to the Argentinians, scoring two goals, which meant the boost for Messi and Mbappé getting shots on target finally pushed the pay-out into the eight figures. The fact that Mbappé was able to equalize before the full-time whistle meant the extra time chance offer brought more winnings to many bettors.

There were a number of popular bet builders, but again unsurprisingly, most of them were staked on Mbappé and Messi. Bet builders that predicted Messi would score at least two goals and a hat trick for Mbappé were particularly fruitful for a great many who had put money on the game.

The bettors didn’t win on every front, though. Messi was a natural favourite for Golden Boot and Golden Ball, meaning they managed to stay on top of that one. But there’s no doubt that this dramatic World Cup final has had Bet365 paying out a great deal more than they had hoped they would have to. It just goes to show the benefit of those incremental bet builders.