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Are you looking to have a cheeky flutter on the races this upcoming week? If so, then rather than simply just choosing a random race and placing sporadic bets with no real substance behind them, why not take your sports betting a little bit more seriously? You see, the problem that people often encounter when placing sports bets, is not understanding how the whole process works. For those with years of experience in the industry, phrases such as ‘each way’ and ‘accumulator’ will be commonplace. Those that are new to sports betting, or who simply place casual bets, probably won’t have quite as much of an idea. This is where it pays to use a bet calculator. Today, we’re looking at the Super Heinz Bet Calculator. Take a look and see what you think.

What is the Super Heinz Bet Calculator?

No, this isn’t a calculator that has anything to do with baked bins or tins of soup. The Super Heinz Bet Calculator is basically an online tool which can be used by gamblers in order to place a super Heinz bet and to get a perfect understanding of how much they will receive, what they’re betting on, how much to deposit, and much more besides. Basically, these bet calculators are designed to simplify the betting process as efficiently as possible.

What is a Super Heinz Bet?

Again, nothing to do with baked beans! A Super Heinz bet is a specialist form of betting comprising of a multiple selection wager which is made up of 120 bets. These come in the form of:

  • 21 doubles
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 four-folds
  • 21 five-folds
  • 7 six-folds
  • As well as a 7-fold accumulator

As you can see, it is a huge wager which consists of countless bets. It is not for the casual gambler and should only be considered by seasoned sports betters. Now, we know that 120 bets is far from cheap, but as you might expect, the potential rewards could be extremely substantial. Because of the complexity of the bet, working out your potential winnings to check whether placing a Super Heinz bet is viable would be very time-consuming and difficult. With a Super Heinz Bet Calculator, though, it’s made very simple.

How is a Super Heinz Bet calculated?

Using the calculator couldn’t be easier. You simply follow the instructions on-screen and enter the details of your bet, and the calculator will instantly provide you with a figure for what your potential winnings would be. As with other bets, there is the option to make it an each way bet. So, you will enter:

  • Stake
  • Odds format and whether you want fractions, decimals, or American
  • Whether you want to make the bet each way
  • Whether you want to select ‘rule 4’.

You then enter the details of each of your bets, including stake, the outcome you predict, and the odds you’re being offered. Upon completion the calculator will tell you your total stake, your total returns, and your total profit.