Whitezip Limited and Markor Technology to merge into betting site Casimba Gaming

It has just been announced that a milestone merger is taking place between global marketing agency Whitezip Limited and global provider of B2B and B2C technology solutions for betting sites Markor Technology. That merger will aim to strengthen Whitezip’s betting site Casimba, which will be re-established as “Casimba Gaming”. The merger has been welcomed by industry experts who expect Casimba Gaming to have an excellent chance of becoming a global leader in online casino gaming and betting sites, having combined Whitezip’s experience and expertise for customer acquisition and service, design, development, and affiliate marketing, and Markor Technology’s knack for all things technical and proven know-how relating to management of operations, player acquisition, and business strategy.

The newly formed company Casimba Gaming will be headed by the Chief Executive Officer of Whitezip Limited, Dersim Sylwan. Sylwan has a vast experience of the operations of betting sites and the gambling industry, having previously worked as major betting providers and lotteries such as Kindred Group, Svenska Spel, and LeoVegas. According to Sylwan, the merger between the two companies “makes perfect sense”. He added:

“Combining the marketing, data, design and development expertise from Whitezip with the technology and operational expertise from Markor Technology will allow us to give both our customers and partners a great experience and portfolio of products.”

Casimba was already one of the well-known betting sites in Ireland. It was established in 2017, and quickly rose to the top due to its large variety of gaming and betting options. Indeed, at the time some professionals in the gambling industry suggested with concern that the company may be growing and expanding way too fast for its own good. This turned out not to be the case, with Casimba thriving in the Irish betting market and other betting and gaming jurisdictions worldwide. The new entity, Casimba Gaming, is expected to retain its current gambling licences and to continue operating with its betting sites in Ireland and other countries. However, the company is also said to be planning to focus on core markets such as the UK, Canada, and the Nordic betting jurisdictions. According to the merger announcement, Casimba Gaming will have the perfect head start, combining a comprehensive portfolio of gaming products and titles, consolidated revenues amounting to £100m (€115m), and a customer base of over 50,000 and counting.

Whitezip Limited is also a company with a rapid success story. Starting in January 2016 with only a team of 8, the company has grown beyond anyone’s expectations and now operates from two offices, based in London and Malta. Only a year after launching, Whitezip’s active accounts numbered over 30,000, and another year later they were taking over £10m in customer deposits. The betting sites owned and ran by Whitezip in addition to Casimba include Dream Vegas, Lumicasino, Barz Casino, Jackpot Village, The Grand Ivy Casino, Reload, and Casilime. In addition to online gaming and betting and (live) casino services, the company offers a comprehensive package of marketing, advertising, PPC, SEO, and omnichanel experience solutions aimed to achieve excellent customer service and to provide betting sites and other businesses with the tools they need in order to improve their user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Markor Technology and its resources and expertise will also most certainly contribute to the success of Casimba Gaming. The company is extremely experienced in the world of iGaming and betting sites, and has developed a bespoke, cutting edge platform for the purposes of online betting. The platform, which is known as a pioneer of advanced, state-of-the-art online betting technologies and software, will most likely be used for all of Whitezip’s current and future betting sites. In addition to the platform, Markor Technology offers a wide variety of B2B betting and gaming services which aim to provide a comprehensive solution for starting and operating a betting site. From technology and software through to player acquisition and the practical oeprations of the business, the company knows every small detail of running a betting site. Markor Technology caters for all types of online betting and gaming, including casino, sports betting, bingo, virtual, eSports, and fantasy sports events and others.

Therefore, it is not a mystery that Whitezip Limited opted to merge with Markor, thus securing a complete package of services for all its betting sites. Those familiar with the companies are of the opinion that, before long, the new venture will launch a number of new betting sites combining the experience and quality of service contributed by both companies. Meanwhile, Casimba Gaming will continue to offer its services to customers in Ireland.